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Thursday9:30 AM–7:30 PM
Friday9:30 AM–7:30 PM
Saturday9:30 AM–7:30 PM
Sunday11 AM–5 PM
Monday9:30 AM–7:30 PM
Tuesday9:30 AM–7:30 PM
Wednesday9:30 AM–7:30 PM


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Address: 109 Marketplace Dr, Hampton, VA 23666

Phone: (757) 833-4004


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Excellent nail spa! I felt so loved and pampered! I got the liquid gel/hard gel manicure and gel pedicure services. I had the volcano spa pedicure and I was treated to an amazing comfortable massage chair and a glass of moscato. The nail tech Victoria was kind and patient and never rushed me even though I was one of the last ones out that night. I love my nails and I can’t wait to go back and have another pampering experience. The decor is so cute and fancy. They did a great job with this place! Keep up the great work!

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Janine Antonis

After an absoutely horrendous and EXPENSIVE manicure job from a DIFFERENT SALON, my sister and I came here for a repair, hoping we wouldn’t get scammed again and have to spend a ton of money. All of the staff here seem to really know what they are doing. They were all very sweet, and worked fast – but the kind of fast where you can see they are very experienced and skilled. The second I saw HOW they were taking my old polish off from the day prior, I felt relieved and felt like I was back in NJ. My husband and I moved here from NJ earlier this year, and it has been a struggle for me to find a replacement nail salon down here. This salon was extremely professional, and sweet. They were shocked at the job that was done by the other salon. They fixed everything without even needing to put on ANY new acrylic. They just re-shaped and re-polished what was caked on. They also offer drinks here, which we did not get this time. But next time, we just might! A HUGE thank you to Yvonne and the rest of the staff. WE WILL BE BACK – even though we live a half hour away, you guys are worth the drive! 5-stars to Beautiful Nails Spa! Beautiful Nails Indeed!

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Simone Lewis

I’ve been a regular here for a few years now and the service is great! I can show a picture or give an idea of what I want and get just that. I never leave without getting my brows or lashes done. Even when busy once your in that seat they don’t rush your service and I value that 🙂 Z makes sure I walk out a new woman every time!Nail cut & filing,Nail repair,Eyelash extensions,Waxing,Acrylic nails

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Gaby Massey

New to are and thought i would try this place out. Went in Yesterday for gel pedi and nail dip. Nail dip is ok. But my gel pedi already peeled. Henry is not the person to do your nails. Very sloppy and got dip and gel on my skin making the dip look bulky and gel peel off. Not worth my 110$

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Dawn settles

The service there is great! They always do my nails as I as them too. They offer drinks, pedicures, eyebrow waxing, among the few services. Sometimes the wait can be long too.

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Regina Thompson

The young lady who did my pedicure on June 25th was amazing and did a great job. She was unable to do my manicure because she had an appointment. After waiting about 10 minutes am older lady with a terrible attitude walked over to me and asked me to move into the seat next to where I was. Well, she didn’t ask. She just pointed angrily at the seat and I assumed she wanted me to move. She then began throwing her tools onto the table in front of me, as if she didn’t want to perform the service on me. So I made sure she didn’t. She asked if I wanted to wait for the other young lady. I did not. I was with a friend who was paying for our nails. I went outside while she remained inside. The old woman apparently told the other workers in the shop I had left without paying. My friend explained several times she was paying for our nails. The old lady was extremely rude and unprofessional. If it wasn’t for her nasty attitude I would have given a 5 star review. She ruined any chance of us ever returning. I didn’t attempt to “leave without paying” I left due to the horrible way I was treated by the old woman. I would never let someone with such nasty energy touch me. Hateful people should not work in the service industry. I’m not sure why she chose to be so disrespectful, but there’s a nail shop on every corner, no one is obligated to spend money where they are treated poorly. What a shame for your business. Keep this lady away from customers, especially your African American ones. She doesn’t want to serve us.

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Dedra Richardson

After leaving nail salon, I noticed the polish applied looked horrible. I called and asked if I could return the next day for someone to fix and was told yes. I showed up the next morning and had to wait for over an hour as they continued servicing people that came in after me. There were those that had an appointment, which I can understand. I was a loyal customer of Hannah’s. Unfortunately, she was away on vacation. Needless to say, I ended up walking out after 1.5 hours and probably won’t return ever again. When I first started going, their rating was higher and has been dropping. Based on my experience today, I see why. I do not recommend. I will post a pic shortly.

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Marangely Colón

I went in with high hopes. It looked cute inside so I was excited. I was seated with a younger guy and he did a terrible job. He didn’t file my original nail nor did he know what to do. I showed a picture of French tip nails I wanted and he said he could do them but when he did my nails once he got to the design part he said he couldn’t do it and did something g different than the picture. I told him it’s not what I asked for and he told me it was an extra 15 for a basic French tip. I go to pay and I was charged 60$ for short nails about 1/4 inch from the finger tip with gel and French tip. He only charged 8$ for the French tip(original price). But why say it’s extra if the price is 8$. The next two days a nail falls off. 2 DAYS. I tried to ignore it and then the day after another mail falls off. In less than a week 4 nails have fallen off. He did a terrible job. 0/10 would not recommend

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betty tindall

Mary is the absolute best! The salon is very clean and everyone is very nice and professional! I only let Mary do my pedicures she’s the best I’ve had over the years! Thank you Mary for a great experience every time I come in!Pedicure

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Michelle Ingram

I just left the establishment because I waited for 10 minutes for a room where the person said she was comfortable doing my eyebrows. I was ok with the wait b/c I wanted her to have comfort. When the room became available she said I had to wait longer for someone else to help. When I asked why she said she had been asking for help an did not know how much longer it would take. I called the owner to let her know my concerns an she said I could go somewhere where else. Please keep this in mind when u spend ur hard earned $$$$ here. U r nothing but a $$$ sign to them.

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Beautiful Nails Spa - Hampton, VA 23666 - Services and Reviews (2024)


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